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We feel that the mystery of life can be managed from LOVE. Due to a myriad of experiences by all components of AMAYAMA, born naturally the desire to express and share music, dance, visual and workshops.
  “To believe is to create” is the group’s philosophy.
To be clear about the purpose of your acts is very important to us. AMAYAMA is looking, in a simple way, fillup the heart with happines.


Amayama proposes to give the welcome to the new ages. A show that fuses prayers (mantras) with energatic dance and natural sounds in the rhythm of dance, hip-hop, electronic experimental and visuals. An experience that takes you along a journey internal and external, wich proposes an open mind to encounter a new vibration.


The international group Amayama (Ibiza) offers an original and unique show. The concert show incorporates live music and a fusion of electroacoustic, dance choreography and vocals. The Amayama concert show is a modern “world music latin fusion” and fashionable concept, which can be enjoyed by people of all types. The sounds and choreography used during the show draw the attendees into a refreshing, pleasant and unique sensory journey.


Let’s resonate together at this Meditative Concert!
Amayama interacts with all persons attending, blending basic movements of mudras, accompanied by acoustic sounds. 
Ending the meeting with a Celebration of What We Are, by dancing together.

Through music, qigong, body percussion, mudras, cacao seed ritual and yoga, Amayama shares a sense of well-being, physically and mentally with the participants. The sole purpose is to get bodily awareness performing basic exercises in a fun and easy manner. 

Amayama has a wide experience of giving workshops in several countries such as Mexico – Brazil – India – CostaRica – and Spain.


We offer various therapies, the most prominent: balancing energy centers made by four hands that restores the natural balance of the person, in a smooth and active way at once.

We use several tools with the purpose of accompanying the person to reach her/his balance by her/hisself. To believe is to create, the same energy that creates returns and trasforms. It is our philosophy accompanying therapy.

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